Adrian Peterson’s situation with the Vikings is getting very ugly

The only thing the Minnesota Vikings owe Adrian Peterson is money. Nothing else. They don’t need to show him loyalty or special treatment. But nowadays, you’d think that Peterson is some king or royal prince that needs his feet rubbed every second of the day. He’s acting like a spoiled brat.

The latest with Peterson is his agent has made it clear that his client does not want to play for Minnesota anymore.

“We want out of Minnesota,” Ben Dogra, Peterson’s agent,  told USA TODAY Sports. Dogra said in another interview: “I don’t think it’s in Adrian’s best interest to play in Minnesota. Why would it be?”

Peterson played one game for the Vikings in 2014 because of his legal issues concerning the beating he gave his 4-year-old child. Peterson was placed on the commissioner’s exempt list as he sorted the issue out in the legal system. He pleaded no contest in court to avoid jail time and was placed on probation for giving his child gruesome wounds. 

Through all of that mess and despite playing one game, Minnesota stuck by his side and paid him the $13 million salary he was owed last season. Apparently, that’s not good enough for Peterson and his camp. Why should the Vikings have to beg and plead for a player under contract to come back and do his job? The team did absolutely nothing wrong in the handling of Peterson, and it expects him back in uniform this season.

“Adrian’s a member of our football team,” Spielman said during a visit with a small group of media that included USA TODAY Sports. “He’s under contract with us. We are focused on the 2015 season and expect Adrian to be a part of that. Our whole focus is getting ready for that season with Adrian.”

For a team that almost made the playoffs last season — football wise — trading away Peterson, and giving into his demands, would not be a smart decision. With Peterson, the Vikings would have a really good shot at advancing far in the playoffs.

Ultimately, it’s Peterson’s prerogative to play or sit for Minnesota if the team doesn’t trade him. He’d lose value for himself if he decided to sit out, so it’s in his best interest to play. For Minnesota, keeping him on the roster is going to be a huge distraction, but a distraction with his talent is better than having another team acquire him.

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