Any team that wants to move to Los Angeles will have to pay an insane relocation fee

Whether it’s the Chargers, the Raiders or the Rams who move to Los Angeles, it’ll be an expensive trip. According to the Sports Business Journal, the league will charge a minimum relocation fee of $500 million to whichever team makes the move.

The fee may even turn out to be as high as $600 million. This doesn’t surprise CBS Sports analyst Amy Trask.

“The numbers don’t surprise me,” Trask said, via the Sports Business Journal. “Part of the issue is over what period the money is paid out over — five years, 20 years?”

A $600 million relocation fee would be over 20 times more than it was when the Houston Oilers moved to Tennessee in 1997, per the Minneapolis Star-Tribune. That would also be over one-third the value of each team that is hoping to move to LA.

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