Cam Newton
Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

The NFL is reportedly investigating what happened with former MVP Cam Newton after missing a presser


Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton decided to not speak to the media this past Thursday, a decision that the NFL won't take kindly to.

In fact, David Newton of is reporting that the league is looking into the reason why Newton declined to fulfill his obligations. It may seem like a small thing, but star NFL players are required by the league to be available to the media during the week while the season is going on. Per the ESPN report, Newton was at practice and he was even in the locker room after practice. With that said, he never did speak to the media.

"Newton was at practice on Thursday and sat in front of his locker for more than 10 minutes playing loud music during the media open locker room session."

ESPN did reach out to Panthers' head coach Ron Rivera, who apparently didn't realize that Newton missed his responsibilities.

"I just found out,'' Rivera said. "I thought he had a press conference today, but apparently not.''


The Panthers' team spokesperson, Steven Drummond, also didn't have a reason for why Newton skipped his press conference.

The media has become somewhat of a sticking point for Newton lately after he patronized a female reporter for asking him a football question a few weeks ago. ESPN reports that he has been available to the media every day since that incident so it will be interesting to see why he declined to speak near the end of this game week.

The Panthers are 4-2 and first in the NFC South. They'll play in Chicago this weekend against the 2-4 Bears.