Chip Kelly squashes rumors that he wants to trade up in the NFL Draft

In a surprising move on Tuesday, the Eagles and Rams swapped starting quarterbacks. Philadelphia acquired Sam Bradford, a player who hasn’t played a full season since 2012. St. Louis acquired Nick Foles, who has had one good season so far in his career. On the surface, the quarterbacks are similar. But the main difference to me is Bradford is coming off of two torn ACLs and will be running an offense that requires mobility from the quarterback, and he is not mobile at all.

When I first saw the trade, I thought the acquisition of Bradford was to flip him to move up in the NFL Draft. During his first press conference of the offseason, Eagles head coach Chip Kelly said he was offered a first-round pick for Bradford one day after getting him.

While it is surprising that he was already offered a first-round pick for Bradford, the thought is that Kelly wants to acquire Oregon QB Marcus Mariota, but Kelly squashed those rumors today.

“Let’s dispel this now. I think this stuff is crazy,” Kelly said, according to Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer.

To me, if that first-round pick wasn’t in the top five range, then of course he wouldn’t accept a trade right now. And I don’t think he would have said that for no reason or without an ulterior motive.

Kelly was adamant that Bradford is going to remain an Eagle, but I mean what else is he going to say right now? “Yeah, we are trading for Mariota and you can write that down right now.” No. He’s not going to ever say that or admit that.

Until Mariota is taken off the board in the draft, then I’ll believe what Kelly is saying. But as of now, I’ll remain skeptical.

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