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Danny Amendola Dated Miss Universe Before She Fell For Another NFL Star

NFL wide receiver Danny Amendola looks like famous hunk actor Ryan Gosling if the Gos were less tall, more wide and had a ridiculous catch radius. Both Amendola and Gosling love Hollywood. La La Land loves them back.

Amendola has been a serial C-list celebrity dater since at least 2014. He's played for the Rams, Patriots, Dolphins and Lions during those years, but he's played more games off the field than on it. Who has he dated? For starters, he was in a serious relationship with the now-girlfriend of an All-Pro running back.

Danny Amendola NFL Career

Daniel James Amendola was born in The Woodlands, Texas, where he played wide receiver at The Woodlands High School. A Red Raider at heart, Amendola played college football for Texas Tech.

Amendola thrived under Mike Leach, Danny's four-year head coach. Amendola put up huge receptions, yards and touchdowns in 2007, the same year he was named Second-Team All-Big 12.

Amendola drew many comparisons to Wes Welker throughout his college and professional career. Like Welker, no NFL team was willing to take a chance on Playoff Danny after the NCAA. HBO's "Hard Knocks" depicted rookie Amendola's struggle as an undrafted free agent to join the Dallas Cowboys in 2008.


Amendola never made it past Dallas's practice squad. The same thing happened with the Philadelphia Eagles, but he finally saw playing time with the St. Louis Rams in 2009. He soon signed a five-year, $31 million deal with the New England Patriots to join Tom Brady and Bill Belichick.

Amendola won Super Bowl XLIX over the Seattle Seahawks and the infamous 28-3 Super Bowl LI over the flightless Atlanta Falcons. Amendola scored touchdowns in both Super Bowls.

Danny moved to Florida with the Miami Dolphins on a two-year deal in 2018. Amendola flopped, and the Dolphins dropped him after one season. New year, new team. The Detroit Lions picked him up and paired him with Matthew Stafford. Now that they've got Jared Goff, the Lions seem doomed for mediocrity again.

Despite winning two Super Bowls, Danny Amendola has never made a Pro Bowl or All-Pro team. He's never worn a ring off the field, either.

Danny Amendola's Girlfriend Jean Watts


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Danny Amendola's current girlfriend is singer and songwriter Jean Watts. Though recent reports of a break-up have surfaced, the pair attended a wedding together in June 2021.

They then celebrated the Fourth of July together as well. Danny Amendola rocked a blonde doo at both of those events, further proving the Gosling doppelgänger assertion.

Watts is far from the only pseudo-celebrity Amendola has romanced. Birds of a feather lie together, tanning on a Miami beach.

Danny Amendola & Olivia Culpo

The NFL player sporadically dated social media influencer and former Miss Universe Olivia Culpo for three years.

His ex-girlfriend Olivia Culpo is a former Miss Rhode Island, Miss USA, Miss Universe and Sports Illustrated swimsuit model. She has reportedly previously dated Tim Tebow and is currently dating one of the best running backs in the NFL, Christian McCaffrey. She's also the alleged inspiration behind the Nick Jonas tune "Jealous."

Amendola and Culpo broke up for good in 2019, though it wasn't the first time. The footballer lashed out in an Instagram post rant, which is usually inadvisable. He called a Russian-German DJ named Zedd a "scrony little f*cker" because Zedd danced with Culpo at Coachella and Amendola saw the pics. To be fair, it was in the middle of Ariana Grande's set, so who can blame them for dancing?

Neither Amendola nor Culpo claims mea culpa for the break-up. Culpo has since moved on to another trending football star, one that's better than Amendola. Danny briefly dated social media influencer Emily Tanner, but that affair didn't even last as long as his fling with sports reporter Bianca Peters.

Before Culpo, Amendola dated NBC Sports television host Kay Adams. The pair was spotted at the ESPN ESPYs together. Before Adams, Amendola dated Talor Reazin, a former University of Oklahoma cheerleader.

Amendola may have Super Bowl bling, but he's yet to find the one ring to rule them all.

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