Developments in Aaron Hernandez double-murder trial have taken a stunning turn


Aaron Hernandez is already serving a life sentence for the murder of Odin Lloyd, but the former New England Patriot may be in more trouble if the jury finds what a Suffolk County prosecutor says to be true.

Via Boston Globe, the prosecutor believes Hernandez's tattoos are evidence that he shot and killed two men in Boston in 2012, and shot and wounded a known eyewitness in Florida in 2013.

"One image showed a revolver loaded with five bullets, which allegedly represents the five shots fired at the scene where de Abreu and Furtado were shot to death, Haggan said. The phrase, "god forgives," was tattooed nearby but written backward so it could be read in a mirror.

Authorities allege Hernandez used a .38-caliber revolver to murder the two men.

The tattoo artist also drew a semi-automatic handgun and a spent shell casing and a puff of smoke, Haggan said. The image, the prosecutor said, precisely matches what happened to (one-time friend Alexander) Bradley, who was shot once by a semiautomatic handgun. A single spent shell casing was recovered by Florida authorities at the scene."

Prosecutors say Hernandez gunned down the two men after one of them bumped into him at a Boston nightclub earlier that night. The former tight end has pleaded not guilty. He is set to stand trial Feb. 13 next year.

Raychides Sanches said he had been a passenger in a car stopped at a light in the city's South End when an SUV pulled up. He said someone from the SUV said "What's up, negroes?" and then gunshots began, per ESPN.


Sanches said the gunfire struck 29-year-old Daniel de Abreu and 28-year-old Safiro Furtado.

When Sanches was asked who the shooter was, he nodded towards Hernandez and said it looked like him.

Bradley was reportedly shot in an attempt to silence him.