Fans React To Taylor Swift Being The #1 Kansas City Chiefs Fan

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce went through a period of time this offseason without being seen together that much. Considering this, there was actually some concern from fans that the power couple may be separating.

That is to say, the singer broke the silence on the rumors, by showing everyone she is still a diehard Kansas Chiefs fan.

During the Chiefs Super Bowl ring ceremony, Swift was out of town doing a worldwide Eras tour. Even so, she joined the wife of Kelce's teammate (Mecole Hardman), Chariah Gordon's Instagram livestream.

Swift wrote multiple comments throughout the Instagram live video, showing her dedication to being apart of Chiefs Kingdom.

One fan commented, "Taylor's hard turn to becoming a diehard football fan is so freaking relatable. How the most famous woman in the world continues to relate and resonate with every day folks is what makes her special and different. 4am in Europe and she's up celebrating Mecole Hardman re-signing."

Another Chiefs fan referenced how interesting it is for Swift to show so much interest in an NFL franchise.

"The most famous woman on Earth, Taylor Swift, is talking about Mecole Hardman. Being a Chiefs fan right now is insane."

Swift has 283 million followers on her Instagram, so whatever she is doing online, certainly is being monitored.

With this in mind, the NFL has made her the focal point, as the international pop star has brought in a lot of revenue, by opening up a whole new target audience not only for the Chiefs but for the National Football League as a whole.

As a result, Swift has seemingly been used as a new marketing ploy by the league. Front and center at every game, it's impossible to not watch the Chiefs play without seeing Swift.

This has made many fans irritated, as the TV cameras show Swift more than the game sometimes.

As Kelce and Swift are evidently still together, the 2024 NFL season will undoubtedly be filled with a lot of cameos from the most famous NFL fan in the world.