Jameis Winston denied entrance into a bar because he was wearing shorts

From all reports, Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Jameis Winston has done everything right so far. He is a hard-worker and is learning Tampa’s system fast. Even when the quarterback was enjoying some time off at a Drake concert, he still brought along his playbook.

But apparently there is one thing Winston has failed at since his transition into the NFL: wear shorts to a bar with a dress code.

According to TMZ, Winston was denied entrance to the Blue Martini bar in Tampa on Friday night because he was wearing shorts.

The bar has a strict dress code, and Winston was denied entrance because of his shorts — that’s really it. A quick search of the bar’s website makes no reference to a dress code of any sorts, so it’s understandable why Winston didn’t know he had to wear pants.

But I really want to know if this would have happened if, say, Peyton Manning or Tom Brady showed up in shorts. I think the bar would have made an exception then.

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