Jameis Winston thinks he isn’t ready to be an NFL player off the field

UPDATE: Joel Anderson of BuzzFeed spoke with Cornwell after the event. He said that Winston has some growing up to do, not that he is unprepared for the NFL. He also said that we need to assist him in growing up and it’s not going to be easy.


There are no doubts about Jameis Winston’s abilities on the field. He is very talented and can make all of the throws, but there are still many concerns about his character off the field. The Tampa Bay Bucs reportedly have concerns, and are still mulling their No. 1 pick.

So now brings up these comments from Winston’s attorney. They are really shocking considering he is playing right into the narrative that his immaturity could affect his draft stock. Here’s what David Cornwell had to say.

I don’t understand why he would openly admit this. It’s only going to cause more of a frenzy next time Winston is interviewed by the media. I understand honesty is always great, but sometimes it’s best to not say anything at all.

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