Jason Kelce, Philadelphia Eagles, NFL News
Photo by Andy Lewis/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Jason Kelce Could Replace RGIII For ESPN's Monday Night Football

Former Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce apparently is getting right to work after retirement. Or at least could be.

According to The Athletic, Kelce may be in line to replace former NFL quarterback Robert Griffin III in the studio for an ESPN Monday Night Football pregame makeover.

Of course, this is a Kelce brother we're talking about and interest isn't limited to ESPN. Outlets such as CBS, NBC and Amazon Prime also have Jason high on their list, The Athletic added. But ESPN is "aggressively" pursuing Kelce and that could indeed be where he winds up — should he decide to take the journey into pro football analysis.

He already does plenty of that on his podcast with brother and Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce. They do more than talk about football there, of course. But they do talk some football.

Anyway, there could be some other moves for ESPN's football pregame show, per Andrew Marchand of The Athletic.

"Meanwhile, Hall of Fame wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald's part-time role on ESPN's 'Monday Night Countdown' is in limbo, according to executives," Marchand wrote. "Fitzgerald appeared on about one-third of the shows during the season.

"His contract was up in February and has not been renewed yet. ESPN informed Fitzgerald that they wanted to see how the rest of their MNF pregame lineup shapes up before making a final decision on a new deal.

"Full-timers Marcus Spears and Ryan Clark are expected to return on "Countdown," alongside Van Pelt. Michelle Beisner-Buck will remain the feature reporter."

The biggest of those names at the moment, though, is Kelce. And not just because his brother is dating pop icon Taylor Swift (though that certainly helps).

Jason Kelce is fresh off playing the game, has become a household name, and would undoubtedly bring eyeballs and likely ratings. When you're a broadcast network, that's the type of draw for which you long.