Jerry Jones says Dallas’ current running game is better than last year’s

Dallas decided to not re-sign running back DeMarco Murray this offseason because the team didn’t want to pay big money in order to keep him. One of the reasons why the Cowboys would let one of the best running backs in the league walk away perhaps has to do with the fact that they are better off without him. Well, at least according to owner Jerry Jones.

“When you say the entire running game — and that would be including our tight ends, including fullbacks, the entire game — we’re better. We’re better,” Jones said Wednesday, per “Murray certainly is in that thought, but what we’ve got a chance to do with our depth, what we’ve got a chance to do with the talent, the competition that we have, and I’m assuming that we can protect (Tony) Romo, which standing here last year, the concerns about his surgeries were more so than today.”

That statement is an obvious pile of praise delivered upon the offensive line. The Cowboys are so confident that their offensive line was the main reason why the running game was so successful last year. To back up that claim, Dallas signed free agents Darren McFadden and Ryan Williams to replace Murray, who aren’t near the same talent level as Murray.

Whether or not losing Murray to Philadelphia hurts Dallas moving forward remains to be seen, but it’s hard to agree with Jones’ comments that the running game is now better without Murray. It’s not.

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