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Jets Fan Allegedly Threatens to Kill Pilot Over Airplane Bathroom Line


When you have to go to the bathroom, you have to go. It doesn't matter where you are, it's just that way for everyone, all of the time. Things can definitely get dicey when you have to wait so long to pee on an airplane, and one New York Jets fan caused a ridiculous scene because the line was too long.

On an Alaska Airlines flight from New York's Kennedy Airport to Los Angeles, a man sitting in coach wearing a Jets jersey and hat, had words with the flight attendant who apparently wouldn't let him use the bathroom in First Class. Instead, he had to wait behind a few people to use the aircraft lavatory in the back of the plane.

That didn't go very well, for whatever reason, because the man went on a long rant and eventually forced the plane to make an emergency landing in Kansas City because he allegedly threatened to kill the pilot, according to one passenger via News12 New Jersey.


The man in the New York Jets jersey, of course, let everyone know he paid money to be on the plane, just like everyone else. However, the damage was done and he was ultimately escorted off the planed by police.

Traveling can sometimes be a pain in the ass, but this guy made the rest of the passengers delayed for hours. All of it was captured by a cell phone.

"We're trying to use the bathroom. They'd rather let the bathroom be empty up there and let eight people wait in line to use the bathroom while two bathrooms are empty in the front, and he's gonna come to me, tell me he going to call the police. Call the police. Call 'em. Call 'em. Call 'em. I'm not going to stop complaining while I'm waiting in line especially when there's two empty bathrooms in the front. I'm not going to stop complaining."

-- Jets Fan Who Had to Piss

Once the pilot was notified of the incident, he got over the speaker to let the passengers know they were going to make an emergency landing.

"Hi ladies and gentleman, this is your captain speaking," he said. "I understand there's a gentleman in the aisle making kind of a fuss. A bathroom is a bathroom. A bathroom is a bathroom. Following my crew members directions is a federal requirement. It is a Federal law violations."

The man was escorted off the plane to applause from other passengers, and News12 New Jersey, reports the FBI will decide if the man will face any charges.


One passenger even said he allegedly threatened to kill the pilot.

"He said he was going to kill the pilot," the passenger said. "He was going to beat people up and he even started talking about this racial stuff which was nothing about being racial. I don't know if he was on something or what but he just went from like night and day."

The plane eventually took off again from Kansas City and went to LA. It just was without one passenger and big headache for everyone else on the plane. Let's hope someone had some Ibuprofen.

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