Refs blatantly ignored a critical, obvious pass interference call

Be better.

If it weren't a matchup between the Packers and Seahawks, I probably would have said we magically transported into a different dimension last night.

There is no way — no way in the world — what happened to Jimmy Graham on Sunday wasn't passing interference.

Now, if your defense of the Green Bay defensive backs is that the ball was uncatchable, stop it. We've seen plenty of toe-tapping catches over the years — the next more miraculous than the last. Besides, the referees never signaled that the ball was uncatchable.

If they had signaled it was uncatchable, then it would be a little more understandable because catch radiuses are extremely difficult to determine on the fly. But they didn't. And if you're trying to say that ball was catchable and the play was clean, you're out of your mind.

This should have been called. A flag should have been thrown, and the Seahawks should have been given a fresh set of downs while knocking on the goal line.

Now, Green Bay ended up winning the game, 17-9. And that missed call didn't determine the game for Seattle. But missed calls like this contribute to the flow of the game.

Maybe you can call it karmic justice for the touchdown that Golden Tate stole a few years back.

But Graham was mauled on the play, and a flag should have been thrown.

Be better.