Magic Johnson is now actively recruiting Peyton Manning to the L.A. Rams

Last week there was a rumor floating around that involved Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning playing for the Los Angeles Rams in 2016, if he did in fact play another season. Although there has yet to be a decision or formal announcement from the Super Bowl 50-winning quarterback about whether or not he’s hanging it up for good, there’s one powerful figure in Los Angeles who wants Manning to come to L.A., if he does choose to play for one more year. Former Lakers great Magic Johnson appeared with Manning on the Tonight Show on Wednesday evening and made his case to both host Jimmy Fallon and Manning on why the quarterback should head out to Los Angeles.

“I tried to talk somebody out of retirement and come to the Rams,” Johnson told Jimmy Fallon, while pointing over his shoulder to Manning. “I said, ‘Man, if you play again, come to the Rams.’ I was working on him backstage. I will even chip in some money.”

Johnson then pointed out that Manning, who sat quietly and a little awkwardly while Johnson pitched the idea to Fallon, was “turning a few colors” while he was doing it. Manning then admitted that he was getting embarrassed.

“I want to cheer for him if he don’t retire as a Ram,” Johnson said. “I got my recruiting hat on right now.”

Johnson, who is a part owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers, was actually one of the first people to purchase season tickets for the Rams’ 2016-17 season in L.A. It’d be pretty unlikely for it to happen, but if Manning did land in Los Angeles, I’d expect ticket sales to go through the roof.

[H/T: Pro Football Talk]

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