Marcell Dareus Accused of Assault
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The NFL's Terrible Week Continues with Another Assault Allegation

It might be the offseason, but the National Football League has had their hands full this week. On Tuesday, Buffalo Bills running back LeSean McCoy was accused of assault, animal cruelty and PED use; the next day, his estranged girlfriend, the victim of the abuse, alleged that McCoy was involved in a plan to have her robbed.

Now, McCoy's former teammate, and current Jacksonville Jaguars defensive tackle Marcell Dareus, is being accused of sexually assaulting a woman in April 2018.

Dareus, a former Alabama Crimson Tide is being sued by the Texas woman for $15,000 alleging he sexually assaulted her while unconscious and infected her with a sexually transmitted disease without disclosing it to her, or using protection.

The civil lawsuit, filed in Duval County, Florida, names a woman, 'Jane Doe,' who claims to have gone out with Dareus in the Houston, Texas area sometime in April. After returning to their hotel room, the lawsuit goes on to elaborate how the two ordered room service, and then the woman awoke the following morning in "physical pain and [was] unable to remember anything after ordering room service."

Dareus, a former player for the Alabama Crimson Tide, told the woman that two had sex the previous night.

The two met the following two days and had sex on both occasions, but the lawsuit claims Dareus never mentioned having an STD, nor did he use protection on any sexual encounter.

The attorneys for 'Jane Doe' are attempting to press criminal charges against Dareus for negligence for failing to disclose an STD to their client, assault and battery for the sexual acts performed while she was unconscious, fraudulent misrepresentation, and intentional infliction of severe physical and emotional distress.

Dareus and his attorney's are scheduled to appear in court next month for a separate incident stemming from a January 2017 party. Dareus is being accused of sexual assault by a different woman at that party in downtown Tampa, Florida.

In an age where social media disseminates information so quickly, sometimes the truth can get lost in the shuffle. The NFL has their hands full this week separating fact from fiction, and taking the appropriate measures to ensure these cases are handled appropriately.

Either way, Marcell Dareus, a two-time Pro Bowl selection and former BCS National Championship Game MVP, needs to focus on his personal affairs first before he can turn his full attention to the Jaguars and the 2018 NFL season.

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