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A Gronk Squat? No Problem for the World's Strongest Man

Anything goes when Rob Gronkowski is present. The former New England Patriots tight end is a known jokester who enjoys having a good time, which is why he's shaken his booty with Laker Girls and used the Super Bowl trophy as a baseball bat. Good times never stop when Gronk's around.

The Gronkster is also something of an entrepreneur, joining the CBD business and lobbying for the NFL to allow it. He also put together the wild Gronk Party Cruise that I'm sure had too many crazy stories to count and should probably stay on the boat.

Now, I introduce to you Gronk's latest concept: the Gronk Squat.

No it doesn't involve Gronk working his glutes to lift weights. In this exercise, the surefire NFL Hall-of-Famer is the weights.

Gronk Squats Workout

Yeah, that's the 6-foot-6, 268-pound Gronk being squatted by the World's Strongest Man, Martins Licis. The strongman and former football player got together for a weightlifting session on Wednesday at NFL insider Jay Glazer's Unbreakable Performance gym in Los Angeles, per TMZ.

Unsurprisingly, the pair did not disappoint.

Gronk posted the picture to his social media and accompanied it with a description from of what exactly the Gronk Squat is:

"A "Gronk squat" is an overhead squat except the barbell and weight plates are replaced with former New England Patriots tight end and 3x Super Bowl champion, Rob Gronkowski."

Licis, who won the 2019 World's Strongest Man competition and has once moved more than 1,000 pounds of atlas stones, said the Gronk Squat was no easy task.

"Overhead squatting the lord of mischief, @gronk, is no easy feat of strength. This guy's a unit. What an epic Day working out our rotators!" Licis wrote on Instagram.

Now you know what happens when a superstar strongman and the world's best tight end team up for some powerlifting.

I just have a couple questions for the two: Might Gronk be training for a comeback in the NFL? More importantly, will Licis deadlift Vince Wilfork next?

We're waiting...

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