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Was Jordan Addison's Dog Reason For His 140-MPH Speeding Ticket?

Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Jordan Addison was dealing with a dog-related emergency when he was pulled over for speeding.

Last Thursday, Minnesota Vikings rookie wide receiver and first-round draft pick Jordan Addison was pulled over on Interstate 94 in St. Paul, Minnesota, for going 140 mph in a 55 mph zone at 3 a.m., but we've now learned there was more to this story.

Following the incident, Addison — a standout wide receiver in college who attended Pittsburgh and USC — issued a statement: "Yesterday morning I made a mistake and used poor judgment," he said. "I recognize and own that. I am going to learn from this and not repeat the behavior. I am truly sorry."

On top of this, Addison was pulled over while driving a Lamborghini Urus, which only further prompted some Twitter users to denounce his actions. Some people referenced Henry Ruggs, the former Las Vegas Raiders wide receiver now facing jail time after speeding while under the influence, resulting in a woman and her dog being killed.

Addison was not reported to be under the influence here.

Below is a video of Addison getting pulled over. Note: This video has sped up.

New Details Emerge In Jordan Addison Incident

Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Jordan Addison poses during a photoshoot.

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However, new details about this go beyond a young rookie acting recklessly in a car that would likely cost multiple yearly salaries of Vikings fans.

It turns out the motive for Addison's speed, which was 85 mph over the speed limit, was due to his dog having a medical emergency. This is according to the citation issued by the officer who pulled Addison over.

"His dog was having an emergency at his residence, and that was the reason for his speed," the citation stated, according to Fox News.

This is an example of not necessarily rushing to judgment over an incident. Sure, going that fast is an obvious safety risk, and we can dig into the nuances of how many people were actually on the highway at the time of the incident. Still, if Addison's story is true about a medical emergency related to his animal, fans will understandably sympathize with the rookie wide receiver.

Either way, this could be viewed as a learning experience for Addison, who looks to make an immediate impact with the Vikings following the departure of fellow wide receiver Adam Thielen, who now plays for the Carolina Panthers.

Addison, the 23rd overall draft pick in the 2023 NFL Draft, will be opposite All-Pro wide receiver Justin Jefferson on the field.

Head coach Kevin O'Connell also views it as a learning experience for the rookie.

"I was disappointed, but it was a mistake and obviously he's owning that mistake and knows that that's something that can't happen again," O'Connell said.

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