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Younger Players Reportedly Have No Issue With NFL 18-Game Idea

Not everyone is a fan of the suggestion of an NFL schedule comprising 18 regular-season games. But hey, that may only be the old guys.

Per Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk, younger players seem to be just fine with the idea of 18 games.

"Per a source with knowledge of the situation, the NFL Players Association is already bracing for it," Florio wrote. "And one of the things the NFLPA has to ponder is whether and to what extent the players want it.

"There's a sense, we're told, that plenty of young players are fine with it. Their votes count the same as the older players who bristle at adding to the workload."

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell floated the idea of an 18-game schedule for the regular season, but that's all well and good when you're sitting on the sidelines.

Not so much when you actually play the games, Indianapolis Colts center and players union vice president Ryan Kelly suggested.

"Eighteen games sounds great when Roger's saying it on Pat McAfee," Kelly said about Goodell's appearance on The Pat McAfee Show in April, via Stephen Holder of ESPN. "But until you're the one that's going out there and putting the helmet on for 18 of those games, then come talk to me."

He wasn't finished.

"I [wish] people understood how hard it was to play 16, then they [added] another one?" Kelly said. "And they get rid of preseason games, well, OK, who's that going to hurt? The guys that don't have a shot, the guys that are the undrafted guys or late-round [picks] that need to go out there and improve themselves. I think that the fans see it like they don't watch the preseason games, but they have no idea what goes on inside the building."