People are wasting their money by betting on the worst team in the NFL to win the Super Bowl

About 2,000 people have bet on a team that's never won a Super Bowl to win it this year

Some gamblers have decided they might as well shoot for the big jackpot, apparently.

ESPN reports that MGM, Caesars Palace and sportsbook operator CG Technology have accepted more than 2,000 bets for the Cleveland Browns to win the Super Bowl. That's right, the same Browns that have had two winning seasons in total since the team was resurrected in 1999. The same Browns that, you know, have never even been to the Super Bowl, let alone win it.

And it's not surprising the Browns are long shots again after they cleaned house at the conclusion of last season. Cleveland opened with 200-1 odds to win it all and is currently 175-1. CG Technology says they received one $1,000 bet for the Browns to win at 200-1 odds. Granted that big pay-day sounds nice, but the team will be lucky to have a .500 record (they've got six games against Pittsburgh, Baltimore and Cincinnati for starters), let alone make the playoffs or make a playoff run.

Not everyone is betting seriously or betting large, though. Browns fan Chris Hovan told ESPN he made a $5 bet as a joke.

"I just wanted to place the ticket on the wall of my bar in the basement,'' Hovan said. "I've been a season-ticket holder for 14 years, and I know that the Browns are going to be horrible again this year."

Cleveland's over/under season win total is 4.5, which is the lowest of any NFL team. That sounds about right — they've averaged 4.1 wins per season over the last eight years.

But hey, if you're feeling lucky and want to place your own bet on the Browns to win it all, more power to you. We'd just caution you to keep your expectations about seeing any monetary return low.