Screengrab/NBC Sports

Eagles avoided a blatant penalty on touchdown during Super Bowl LII

Uh oh...

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Nick Foles got an easy touchdown as a receiver on a trick play during the first half of Super Bowl LII, but on replay review, it looks like the play shouldn't have counted.

For the play, Foles went for audibles along the offensive line and was out of the usual quarterback position when the ball was snapped. Trey Burton eventually tossed the ball to Foles for the touchdown, but as Zach Cox of NESN pointed out, Foles may not have been legally set on the line for the play.

Foles is pictured there on the right side of the offensive line, clearly a step behind the rest of those on the line.

NFL rules dictate that a team must have seven players on the line — and thus only four in the backfield — for a formation to be legal. However here, no flags were thrown and the Eagles were able to score on the play to take a 22-12 lead at the time.