KANSAS CITY, MO - JANUARY 13: Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Rashee Rice (4) is interviewed after an AFC Wild Card playoff game between the Miami Dolphins and Kansas City Chiefs on Jan 13, 2024 at GEHA Field at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, MO.
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Rashee Rice’s Baffled Reaction to Iconic Andy Reid Video is Priceless

Chiefs WR Rashee Rice has finally witnessed one of the greatest Andy Reid videos of all time.

Kansas City Chiefs rookie wide receiver Rashee Rice was finally treated to the hilarious footage of a 13-year-old Andy Reid participating in what's become a very famous and funny "punt, pass, and kick competition" for NFL fans far and wide.

Keep in mind, Rice is just 23 years old, so it's not too surprising that the clip of "Big Red" towering over his fellow participants has managed to elude him up to this point. But it turns out that was a pretty great thing, because Rice's dumbfounded reaction — to the point of not being totally convinced it was even Reid — was well worth the price of admission.

Imagine being in Rice's spot and seeing this video for the very first time? It's such a special surprise treat we're almost jealous, particularly given the amount of times the footage from 1971 has been shown during NFL games that Andy Reid is coaching in.

Here's Rice's awesomely genuine first look:

Rice's very first comment of, "his helmet's too small, looks like, he got like a hat on," is so great — and, well, pretty accurate — it feels like an unsustainable pace. And then it just breaks out into staunch denial as he says, "nah, he trippin', no there's no way that's him, bro." The growing laughter throughout as he stands there in a state of disbelief is so enjoyable and 100 percent relatable.

We've all been there, Rashee. In some cases, more than a few times. The astronomical difference in size right off the bat is so comical, it is hard to believe that it's not part of some skit for some sort of halftime entertainment. But as real as it absolutely was, the entertainment element prevailed exponentially.

Here's a portion of the original video from 1971 with the Monday Night Football broadcast crew on the call, along with some delicious bonus commentary from "Andrew Reid" discussing the now-famous video.

The fact that Reid's older brother was in a bar casually watching the game with his friends only to be stunned to see young Andy making his national television debut is phenomenal.

The very best part — and one that not too many might be aware of — was Reid ended up wearing the shoulder pads and jersey of Rams running back Lester Josephson because the ones initially provided were way too small for big Andrew Reid. Even better, "Big Red" ended up wearing Josephson's shoulder pads all the way through high school.

The hope now is that Rashee Rice can spread the hilarious video with the rest of the Chiefs locker room for those who have yet witness the punt, passing, and kicking greatness of beloved head coach Andy Reid.

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