Ravens plan to take their shots at Raiders secondary
at M&T Bank Stadium on November 11, 2012 in Baltimore, Maryland.

The Baltimore Ravens offense had a rough time against the Denver Broncos last Sunday. Needless to say they’re looking to have a better performance this week against the Oakland Raiders, and Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco thinks throwing the ball deep may be the ticket.

“The first thing we got to do, in this past game, we didn’t really ever attempt to do it. We’ve talked about that. We need to take our shots,” Flacco said, per the Baltimore Sun. “If nothing else, at least it lets teams know that we’re going to do that and have the confidence in ourselves in doing that.”

Last year, Flacco averaged 3.5 passes at least 20 yards in the air per game, which accounted for 11 of his 27 touchdowns. But when facing Denver, Flacco attempted only one of those throws in 31 passes. Unfortunately, Flacco lost his most reliable deep threat, Torrey Smith, to the San Francisco 49ers and his replacement, Breshad Perriman, missed the match against the Broncos due to an injury.

We’ll see how Flacco’s plan works out for the Ravens on Sunday.

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