Retired NFL Player Buster Skrine Is Now On The Run After Defrauding Banks

Authorities are searching for former NFL cornerback, Buster Skrine, who is currently on the run after missing his May 6 court date, and ditching his GPS ankle monitor. 

It was reported that Skrine had been out on bail since April 12, as a judge granted Skrine a release, considering that he abided by the conditions given. However, the 35-year-old retired NFL player, has failed to comply, being that the GPS ankle monitor he had been ordered to wear "has since gone offline," so the defensive back now finds himself as the one being pursued.

There were 15 charges in total against Skrine, all of which were related to bank fraud, as he was accused of using fraudulent checks to withdraw money. That is to say, basically he would open new bank accounts with counterfeit check deposits and then take out money from the accounts before the checks cleared. The former NFL player enacted his scheme across four different banks throughout the greater Toronto area, from the time period of fall 2022 to summer of 2023. 

Skrine, 35, was drafted in the fifth round by the Cleveland Browns during the 2011 NFL draft, and went on to play for the New York Jets, Chicago Bears, San Francisco 49ers, and Tennessee Titans. His career totals include: 10 interceptions, 491 solo tackles, and four forced fumbles.

Before retiring in July of 2022, Skrine accumulated $40 million dollars throughout his 11-year playing career.

Authorities are searching for his whereabouts, as the Georgia native was last seen residing in Canada. The Durham County Ontario police are offering a $2,000 cash reward in help catching Skrine.