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Richard Seymour Reportedly Joining Tom Brady In Partial Raiders Ownership

It seems Tom Brady won't be the only former New England Patriots great who owns a piece of the Las Vegas Raiders, as reported by Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk.

"Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Hall of Fame defensive lineman Richard Seymour is close to finalizing a deal to become an owner and limited partner of the Raiders," Florio wrote.

Seymour, 44, played for the Patriots from 2001-06 before finishing his career with the Raiders. He retired in 2012.

"If/when it becomes official, the arrangement will be the culmination of an effort that dates back to 2020, with owner Mark Davis continuing his father's commitment to equality," Florio wrote. "It was Al Davis who was ahead of his (and the league's) time when it comes to diversity, from hiring Tom Flores and Art Shell to coach the team to making Amy Trask the team's president. It's Mark Davis who initiated the effort to involve Seymour in ownership."

Apparently, the Brady and Seymour ownership stake in the Raiders will only be about 10 percent. Interestingly, Brady begins his run as an NFL analyst with Fox Sports this season. Wonder if he will be assigned to any Raiders games? Actually, probably not. That would be a major conflict of interest — and if Brady is part-owner, as expected, criticism (or praise) of the team would be viewed differently than if he were just an everyday commentator.

"It is believed that Brady's 10-year, $375 million contract to broadcast NFL games with Fox, which is due to start in 2024, would be unaffected by an investment in the Raiders, as a source previously told ESPN's Seth Wickersham and Adam Schefter that Fox had 'blessed' the arrangement," ESPN wrote.

Brady won six championships with the New England Patriots and another with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers before retiring ahead of last season. He spent 23 years in the NFL and holds the vast majority of the league's career passing records.