Rob Gronkowski says Obama may have been “wasted” when making DeflateGate joke

Four months later, we still have no answer on what’s going to happen with the New England Patriots allegedly playing with under-inflated footballs in the AFC Championship game. Because of that, we still have people making DeflateGate jokes.

Tony Romo made one earlier in the week at the American Country Music Awards, and now President Barack Obama is taking cracks at New England.

Here’s what the president had to say when the Patriots visited the White House:

After making the joke, Rob Gronkowski was asked about what he thought of the joke. In Gronkowski fashion, he gave a hilarious answer.

Realizing that he just said the president may have been drunk, he paused for five seconds and added, “Maybe the President was getting wasted [five-second pause] from his Deflate joke,” Gronkowski said.

“We’re still wondering as an organization about that, right,” Gronk asked Belichick and Patriots owner Robert Kraft, almost as if he was expecting them to say “Yes, and we expect the NFL to open another investigation once this other investigation is over.”

I don’t think Obama and Gronk will be hitting up the bars anytime soon.

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