Scumbag Dolphins fans beat up a guy trying to defend his kids


During the Miami Dolphins-San Francisco 49ers contest Sunday afternoon things got a bit heated in the stands.

After a Dolphins fan threw hands at an angry Pittsburgh Steelers fan, one riled up Niners fan yelled about the guys fighting, defending a woman holding a child and others in the area.

Here's what the YouTube description said:

A brawl broke out on November 27, 2016 between essentially 2 drunk Miami Dolphins fans and 2 San Francisco 49ers fans in section 334. With the score fairly close at 31-24 with 2 minutes to go the disgusting Miami Dolphins fans were getting pretty tight and decided to pick out a couple guys to beat on to vent their frustration. Anti semitic comments can be overheard. Stadium security never found the attackers.

That irritated the Dolphins fan, who then jumped on the Niners fan, punching him over and again. A kid who appeared to be with the defender started punching the Dolphins fan, but he'd get his too as another man in a Ndamukong Suh jersey pummeled his glasses off.

Somehow after all of this, none of the guys were found by security.

Oh yeah, and the Dolphins won, 31-24.