Steelers linebacker retires for religious reasons

In the past week, three NFL players have decided to quit the game in the heart of their careers. Former San Francisco 49ers linebacker Patrick Willis retired at the age of 30; Former Tennessee Titans QB Jake Locker retired at 26 and now Pittsburgh Steelers LB Jason Worilds is retiring at 27.

Worilds became an unrestricted free agent on Tuesday, but he has no intentions of signing another multi-million dollar contract. Last season, Worilds made $10 million. He’s arguably one of the best outside linebackers on the market and could have gotten a huge contract, but Worilds is following a different road.

Now that he’s out of football, Worilds is going to work for his religion, Jehovah’s Witnesses. 

“I appreciate all of the interest from the organizations that have reached out to us the past few days,’’ Worilds wrote on Twitter. “With that being said, after much thought & consideration I have chosen to step away from football as I have opted to pursue other interests.

“I am especially grateful of the opportunity to play before some of the greatest fans in football today. Despite any concern and speculation that may ensue, I appreciate those that are respectful of my decision.’’

You have to commend someone who is following his true passion instead of just playing for the money.

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