Texas A&M hated the Seahawks’ unabashed use of ’12th Man,’ and finally the Aggies have won

Through years of bickering and litigation, it now appears that Texas A&M has regained exclusivity of the “12th Man” motto. The Seattle Seahawks, who have flown a “12” flag and dubbed their decibel-breaking fans as the “12th Man,” have apparently backed off.

Seahawks fans, looks like you’re now “Home of the 12s.”

Not a catchy as “12th Man,” but at least it’s all yours.

Texas A&M has long held trademarks on the term “12th Man,” a school tradition that dates back to 1922, outdating the Seahawks’ use of it by, you know, decades and decades. When the Seahawks started using the phrase — it started gaining national attention when the Seahawks played the Steelers in the Super Bowl after the 2005 season — Texas A&M sued the Seattle franchise.

In a settlement, the Seahawks were allowed limited use of the phrase for the fee of $5,000 a year. That deal was struck in 2006, renewed in 2011 and expires in 2016. So apparently the Seahawks are ready to keep their money and rephrase “12th Man.”

Aggies are extremely sensitive about their “12th Man,” because of its deep roots and meaning to the program — not to mention those trademarks. The Seahawks’ move to abandon it will be met with a big thumbs up in College Station, Texas.

(h/t College Spun)

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