This player is willing to risk a sore neck just so he can look all GQ smooth
<> at FedExField on October 4, 2015 in Landover, Maryland.

Washington Redskins running back Matt Jones learned a tough lesson on Sunday: if you’re stepping onto the field with long hair, your opponents will use it against you.

During the game, Eagles defensive tackle Fletcher Cox grabbed Jones by the braids and pulled him down.

“He just grabbed a handful of my hair,” Jones said, via the Washington Post. “I just felt the whole momentum of it, of him pulling my hair, but it didn’t hurt or nothing. It happened to me one time in college; I didn’t feel that one either. I don’t know, I don’t guess [Cox] pulled it hard enough or something. I just didn’t feel it. My neck was a little sore after the game, though. Probably because of that, I think.”

Apparently defensive lineman Ricky Jean-Francois, who also has long hair, cautioned the rookie to do something with the braids so opponents don’t have an even bigger target, according to NBC Sports.

However, Jones isn’t ready to get a haircut for the sake of the game quite yet.

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