Vikings want a first-round pick and more for Adrian Peterson

Now that Adrian Peterson is eligible to play, the big offseason story is now where will the six-time Pro Bowl running back play this year. His agent has made it clear that it’s not in Peterson’s best interest to play for the Vikings, but the team has also made it clear that they do not plan on trading him.

But if the team decided to get rid of the distraction, we know what the Vikings would be looking for in return. According to ESPN’s Adam Caplan, Minnesota wants a first-round pick and a starting cornerback. If the team decides to go a different route, Minnesota could ask for a first- and second-round pick. That’s a lot to give up for a 30-year-old running back. He’s at the age where running back production declines, so I don’t see how a team would give up two high picks for him. But four teams are reportedly interested in trading for him. 

Peterson is also due $12.75 million, which is a sky-high price tag for a running back. If he was traded, I think he’d almost certainly have to restructure his contract.

But Peterson has zero leverage here. He can moan and complain all he wants, but the Vikings have him under contract for three more years. He may have to suck it up and play for a team that he doesn’t want to play for.

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