Carolina Hurricanes’ Michal Jordan suffers gruesome finger injury

WARNING post contains graphic image.

Carolina Hurricanes’ defenseman Michal Jordan suffered a gruesome finger injury Wednesday night as the Hurricanes played the Pittsburg Penguins. Jordan found himself pinned against the boards with Penguins forward Chris Kunitz which lead to Jordan suffering what can only be described as a very disgusting looking finger injury.  As finger injuries go this one is pretty nasty looking and Jordan was in visible pain.

Warning this is not for the faint of heart, via Reddit Hockey

In case you are wondering, yes Jordan is still a hockey player. So of course he had his finger popped back in place, and WENT BACK INTO the game. You can say a lot about hockey players and one of those things is that they are tough, and maybe a little crazy.

The Hurricanes (10-23-4) would fall to the Penguins (23-9-5) 2-1.

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