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Edmonton Oilers Flasher Appears On Podcast, Says She Didn't Consent To Viral Video

A woman who identified herself as the flasher at the Edmonton Oilers game says she is trying to keep a low profile on purpose. In other words, she doesn't really want her identity to be revealed or to accept any of those offers from adult websites.

Granted, we don't know if this was the actual flasher. But the fact her act occurred more than a week ago ... and her real name has yet to be revealed ... well, perhaps we can take this woman's word for it. The so-called flasher appeared on the Spittin Chiclets podcast, per The Hockey News.

"On the podcast she revealed that she had reported the original video that was posted on Twitter. Once she did that she thought the video would go away. It obviously did not," wrote Oilers insider Caleb Kerney of The Hockey News.

"She also revealed that the person who took the video of her flashing the crowd was not someone she knew. That also means that she didn't give consent to that person to take that video."

Granted, you can make a case that once-respected The Hockey News has really declined by posting stuff like — but that's really beside the point. What most people want to know is if this is the real flasher. And mostly, if her NHL flashing days are done.

Either way, it was  TMZ Sports, that first reported the female fan in question — who flashed her breasts while sporting an Oilers jersey at the game — was offered the opportunity of a lifetime. Or maybe one she's wise to avoid.

"A rep for The Porn Dude — an adult website that snares over 61 million views a month — said after seeing the woman display her assets during the Oilers vs. Stars Western Conference finals series last month, they want her in front of a cam," TMZ wrote.

Several other sites made reported offers as well.