Mike Fisher blatantly spears Erik Gudbranson in the groin

Sunday the Nashville Predators (35-12-6) beat the Florida Panthers (23-17-11), 3-2 in the shootout.  Nashville had their hands full the entire night, as the the Panthers lead most of the way.  The Predators scored twice in the third period to even the score and send the game to overtime.  The Predators however stood little chance of winning the game in overtime, because Mike Fisher decided to make a really stupid play, he spears Florida’s Erik Gudbranson in the groin.


Talk about dumb. It’s not just dumb, but this breaks all kinds of rules hockey and otherwise.  Fisher would be penalized for the cheap shot and the Predators would have to fight for the shootout. They were able to kill the penalty and eventually win in the shootout, but the Panthers may remember this one.

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