Edmonton Oilers flasher

Oilers Fan Who Went Viral As Flasher Signs Deal With Playboy

The Edmonton Oilers fan who flashed the crowd and went viral, supposedly against her wishes, has landed a deal with Playboy.

"Meet Kait, the Oilers good luck charm," Playboy wrote in an Instagram post featuring their new model. "The [Oilers] might not have the Stanley Cup just yet, but with [Kait] cheering them on, they're unstoppable."

Alrighty then.

Per Ryan Morik of Fox News:

"The Oilers forced a Game 7 on Friday night, becoming just the 10th team in NHL history to do so after trailing three games to none in a series. That came mere hours after Playboy made an announcement regarding an Edmonton fan who had gone viral for an X-rated reason."

Meanwhile, Kait kept a low profile for a while, but emerged from her silence in a video posted to her own social media last week.

"I thought long and hard about what I wanted to say to everybody...I just wanted to say that you could be the most perfect, Godly f*cking person in the world, you could save kittens from a river if they were drowning, someone is still going to hate you," she said in an Instagram video.

"So, you know what? At the end of the day, I got drunk and whipped my tits out at an Oilers game and they went viral. F*ck you if you don't like it. Go Oilers."

This followed an appearance on the Spittin Chickletts podcast, in which she said she did not give permission for the video to be recorded. She added she had no idea what made her decide to do it in the first place. Maybe just her craziness for the Oilers?