Oilers fans
(Photo courtesy @tommykippes2)

Oilers Fans Freaking Out Over Viral Photo Of Matching Men

Is it real, or just Photoshop? That's what many are asking after a viral picture of Edmonton Oilers fans seems to show the same guy in the crowd, with zero explanation.

Oh, it also revealed the same female. All are dressed in Oilers garb.

Basically, in the day and age of AI, people put stuff out to get the masses to wonder what the truth is. And guess what? The masses fall right in line.

"We live in a simulation," wrote @tommykippes2 in a caption above the viral pic.

For the record, the above account seems to spend an inordinate amount of time posting photoshopped pics. Some people just need to get out more, no?

Anyway, another account pointed out the similarities in the female in the picture.

Of course, as noteworthy as these pictures may be, they can't hold a candle to the anonymous Oilers fan who flashed the crowd a few weeks back. She has managed to conceal her identity, though, while the rest of the world marvels at what she revealed.

Basically, if you're an Oilers fan, look out. Social media is out to get you.

But a woman claiming to be the female flasher said she never wanted to be discovered.

"You know, what... I don't know," she said when asked on the Spittin Chicklets podcast why she flashed her bare breasts. "The handful of Cheezies that I ate all day and the eight Trulys I drank in the first period was definitely inspiring."

Some, of course, were inspired simply by her behavior.