Edmonton Oilers Fan

Oilers Flasher Reaching Deal With Playboy Has Fans Believing In Miracles

By the time you read this, we all may know the fate of the Edmonton Oilers in the Stanley Cup Finals. They once trailed the Florida Panthers by a 3-0 series count. At this writing, the series is tied at 3-all, with Game 7 set for Monday night in Florida.

If the Oilers were to pull the stunner, it may be the greatest victory in NHL history. And some are believing in miracles. Especially after their most notable fan signed a contract with Playboy — on the same morning as Game 7 no less.

That would be the Oilers flasher who simply goes by "Kait." By now, you know the name ... and if not the name, the body parts.

"Meet Kait, the Oilers good luck charm," Playboy wrote in an Instagram post featuring their new model. "The [Oilers] might not have the Stanley Cup just yet, but with [Kait] cheering them on, they're unstoppable."

Edmonton Oilers flasher


Oh you know it.

Per The Daily Mail: