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9-Year-Old's Incredible "Spin Move" Goal Started His NHL Journey

Oliver Wahlstrom is one of those dudes who was just destined for greatness. He currently plays forward for the NHL's New York Islanders.

At just 18 years old, he was selected 11th overall in the 2018 NHL Draft. He scored his first professional goal in January 2021.

Before accomplishing any of that, he was a 9-year-old youth hockey player who had some serious handles to go along with a very bright future.

During a Boston Bruins game, the young protege pulled off a trick shot goal for the ages that made him a viral sensation.

Oliver Wahlstrom's Trick Shot

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When I first saw this clip, I couldn't believe it. Whatever the hell that move is called, it belongs in every NHL shootout ever. Fans would go nuts over it.

Wahlstrom somehow carries the puck on his stick, spins like a top and flicks into the net above the goalie's right shoulder. The poor goalie then gives us a confused reaction and throws his glove up as if to say, "how am I supposed to guard that?"

Yeah, you're not.

Everyone in the world wanted to know who this gifted little kid was. He was interviewed on CBS afterward and said he practiced the shot about 50 times.

"I went on YouTube and saw it," Oliver, whose own shot then became a Youtube video, said.

It helps that Oliver was raised by a father who played at Maine and then professionally in Sweden. He probably learned a thing or two from him.

Not long after that incredible trick shot, Wahlstrom once again made headlines. He was 13 when he became the youngest player to ever commit to play college hockey. He committed to Maine, switched his commitment to Harvard University and then played for Boston College.

Now, he's an NHL player.

You can find the 20-year-old on the ice for the Islanders these days, but 11 years ago he pulled off one of the more impressive trick shot goals you'll find.

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