Pittsburgh assistant GM thinks Penguins’ whining ‘an issue’

The Pittsburgh Penguins are a rather polarizing team.  Most NHL fans can quickly tell you that they either love the Penguins or hate them, there isn’t much of a gray area. Most of that traces back to Sidney Crosby, how fans feel about him is often how they feel about the Penguins as a whole.  Many fans don’t like Crosby and in turn the Penguins, and those fans will tell you they feel Crosby, and by extension his team, acts entitled, coddled and whine a lot.  If that’s you, you aren’t alone, Pittsburgh’s Assistant GM Bill Guerin agrees with you when it comes to his team’s whining.

Here is an excerpt from the video above from Hockey Central at Noon

“Your team whines quite a bit,” MacLean said to Guerin on-air Thursday. “It’s hurt you at times in key situations, and I think it’s hurt you at playoff time.”

“It’s definitely an area that we’ve identified as being an issue at times. And you know what? We’ve put ourselves in that position, and we have to be better. There’s no question, the referees are out there, they do a fantastic job, the game’s faster than ever, and it’s really hard to pick things up sometimes with just the naked eye.

“We just have to flat-out be better. And that’s it.”

Penguin fans would like everyone to know though that the Penguins are the most penalized team in the league, also leading the way with 18 game misconducts for the season.  What do you think? Are the Penguins the biggest whiners in the league?

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