Some interesting names available as the trade deadline looms

The 2015 NHL Trade Deadline is next Monday, March 2, at 3 p.m. ET and if your team is in the hunt for the playoffs or on the verge of blowing it up and rebuilding you are surly eagerly anticipating who might be traded. senior writer Dan Rosen has compiled a list of the top 15 most interesting names coming into the trade deadline and no surprise here, the Toronto Maple Leafs lead the way with five players on his list.

Rosen lists Phil Kessel, Jonathan Bernier, Dion Phaneuf, Daniel Winnik, and Tyler Bozak as Leafs players that could be moved by the deadline.  The Maple Leafs have had a difficult season on the ice, behind the bench, in the press and in the front office.  The Leafs need to tear it down and rebuild from the ground up.  All if not most of these players should be traded for assets that can be developed into a future contender.  Toronto’s rebuild needs to happen and March 2nd is when it should start.

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