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Amateur Wrestler Snaps Both Legs in Backyard Ring Jump

Everything about wrestling is fun until someone gets hurt. That's when it all stops and the reality of the moment sets in. Nobody could have expected this outcome of a backyard brawl, but an amateur wrestler named Justin is now facing a very long road to recovery.

What started as a "live amateur wrestling event" hosted by good friends suddenly turned into an absolute nightmare. Justin, during his entrance, jumped from the second rope onto the mat. The only problem is both legs completely gave out when his feet hit the base of the structure.

As a GoFundMe page for him puts it: "His knees bent backwards and both of his legs snapped!"

It looks as awful as it sounds.

(WARNING: This viral video contains graphic content, including a severe injury)

Backyard Wrestler Snaps Both Legs

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The backyard wrestling event happened in late October 2020 during the coronavirus pandemic and COVID-19 outbreak. It was hosted by some of Justin's good friends. Those close to him say he's a free spirit, the life of the party, and ready for whatever.

This injury, however, is nothing anyone can be ready for. The graphic video from the past weekend has been trending on social media.

Justin had three surgeries to have rods and pins placed in his left leg. An additional surgery was scheduled for this week. Amputation is still a possibility and he will be in the hospital for at least another two weeks.

The worst part? Justin doesn't have insurance and a GoFundMe is seeking to raise $200,000 to cover all of his medical expenses, including his numerous surgeries, medical equipment, and hospital stay.

"Though the internet has been a mixed bag of concern and distasteful cruelty, Justin has remained lighthearted in his situation. However, no amount of money will cover the emotional damage he will continue to endure through the aftermath of this horrible accident, so any offerings would help."

Nearly $15,000 had been raised at the time of this publication, including $2,000 from AEW superstar Chris Jericho. Other pro wrestling stars Joey Janela and Nick Jackson made donations as well.

"That was so terrible!!!!!" Jericho told TMZ Sports.

Yes, it was. This video of a backyard wrestler is yet another reminder how dangerous WWE, NXT, and AEW stunts can be.

Get well soon, Justin.

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