Ross Chastain and Ryan Blaney
Photo by Jay Biggerstaff/Getty Images (left), Photo by James Gilbert/Getty Images

Ryan Blaney Loses It On Ross Chastain In Curse-Fueled Rage While Trying to Pass

Ross Chastain is known for his tough driving style, and Ryan Blaney took issue with it at Kansas Speedway.

Ryan Blaney isn't known as a driver who vents frustration often, but that wasn't the case Sunday at Kansas Speedway during Stage 1 of the Hollywood Casino 400.

Blaney found himself in a tough battle trying to pass the No. 1 car of Ross Chastain for fourth place. Blaney wasn't too happy with the way Chastain raced him, and it led to quite the chatter on Blaney's radio.

Chastain has become quite notorious for tough racing and being one of the harder drivers to pass in the Cup Series. His racing style is similar to that of Ryan Newman, who made a career out of being the hardest driver to pass on track whether he was racing for position or was a lap down. Chastain seems to be the same way.

Both Chastain and Blaney are in a fight in the playoffs, and both stand above the cutoff for the Round of 12. That didn't stop Blaney from venting his frustration with Chastain and his spotter, Brandon McReynolds.

That frustration led to a profanity-filled rant by Blaney over his radio.'s Dustin Albino was able to catch the chatter and posted it on X during the race.

"Go f***ing knock Brandon McReynolds out. What a f***ing d***head," Blaney said. "You (Chastain) would go faster if you looked out the f***ing windshield."

Chastain is no stranger to making enemies on the track, but for Blaney to get that frustrated sure didn't help him at the end of the day.

Funny enough, Blaney and Chastain ended the race right by each other, in 12th and 13th, respectively. The two look to be in the playoff running for a while, so this issue between them is likely far from over.

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