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"Ice Road Truckers" Star Maya Sieber Is a Vet on Alaska's Treacherous Roads

You may have seen Maya Sieber when she made her television debut in the fifth season of the History Channel reality TV show Ice Road Truckers. This diehard truck driver proved she loved the challenge while navigating through the dangerous, icy roads of Alaska.

Originally from New York City, she's been working around trucks since she was only eight years old. She started off as a model before jumping into her own career in the trucking industry. Once she obtained her commercial license, she gained experience fast as she navigated through the narrow and busy streets of New York. She spent three years driving prior to being on boarded to the popular show. But, what has this talented trucker been up to since her time on the reality show ended? Let's take a look!

Where Is Maya Sieber Today?

You'll be glad to hear that Sieber hasn't walked away from the big rigs yet. She's still embracing her career as a professional truck driver. This chick has a Kenworth Trucks tattoo on the back of her neck, so it's safe to assume she's pretty dedicated to this line of work.

Following her appearances on Ice Road Truckers, she decided to get away from all the snow and resume work for the family business Pyskaty Bros, which is based out of New Jersey. Today, she can be seen putting her beautiful custom Peterbilt 379 to work.

Sieber may have a pretty busy schedule with trucking, but she's also managed to fit in a few side projects, as well. In November 2019, she starred in the music video for country rock star Jayne Denham's song, Black Coffee and White Lines. Denham wrote this song around 13 years ago and recruited not only Sieber, but two other IRT stars, Carey Hall and Lisa Kelly. The result was an awesome video that showcased Alaskan trucks and truck drivers.

It's awesome to see Maya Sieber still hard at work out there. Judging by her Instagram, Maya's Peterbilt 379 is definitely her pride and joy. I can't blame her. The truck is absolutely gorgeous, and it would be a pleasure to be able to drive it on a daily basis.

We wish this American trucker the best of luck out there on the road as she continues to live out her childhood dream.

This post was originally published on May 18, 2020.