Crazy soccer brawl results in player getting kicked in the face

This is one of the wildest brawls you’ll see in any sport.

This fight supposedly took place in a 2013 match between Asteras Exarchion and Hercules Peristeri in the lower Greek league, but the video was just recently posted, nearly two years after the match. According to Deadspin, the video was not supposed to ever be released online but somehow made it out.

Being that I don’t speak Greek, I have no idea why everyone is so mad at that one player, but after a goal gets scored off of a free kick he gets kicked by the goalie. After getting up from that, he gets kicked again by another player. Then the poor guy gets kicked in the face while lying on the ground — which I don’t think I’ve ever seen a guy just get teed off on like that.

When one of his teammates comes to defend him, the team in black starts chasing him all over, trying to kick him and punch him before it turns into everyone pushing each other and it appears some fans go down of the field. The ref is just running around handing out red cards and everything pretty much goes to hell.

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