Angel Reese Posts Cryptic Message Directed At Charles Barkley And Caitlin Clark

After the Chicago Sky won 90-81 Thursday night, WNBA rookie, Angel Reese took to social media to write a cryptic message, which fans think is throwing shade at the media coverage regarding rookie Caitlin Clark.

"And that's on getting a WIN in a packed area not just cause of one player on our charter flight. #SKYTOWN," Reese posted on X but has since deleted the tweet.

Apparently with all the hype surrounding Clark, as the Indiana Fever's first overall pick in the draft, Reese feels not enough attention is given to the rest of the Women's National Basketball Association.

LeBron recently said, on his "Mind the Game" podcast, "Caitlin Clark is the reason a lot of great things are going to happen for the WNBA."

Charles Barkley agreed with LeBron on TNT's Inside the NBA show, "You women out there, y'all petty man. Hey LeBron, you 100% right on these girls hating on Caitlin Clark. Y'all petty girls."

Then Barkley went on to specify, that the league should thank Clark, and this is presumably what Reese is responding to in her statement.

"Y'all should be thanking that girl for getting y'all private charters," Barkley said. "All the money and visibility she bringing to the WNBA... Caitlin Clark thank you for bringing all that shine and money to the WNBA."

Warriors forward Draymond Green who was also on the TNT panel, told Barkley, "They gonna hate you."

And he was right...

With this in mind, it is safe to say, by looking at Angel Reese's social media post, she is one of many who did not take well to the comments made by the NBA Hall of Famer. Reese also shared her thoughts verbally when speaking to reporters.

"It's not just one person, I think people don't realize that, the narrative out there is that just one person changing the game," Reese said. "It's a lot of us... me, Kamilla [Cardoso], there's Cameron [Brink], Rickea [Jackson]. There's so many great players and it's been long overdue and just being able to see that our impact has been able to change the game."

By dissecting Reese's tweet, she addresses three points. The first being that her team is winning, as the Chicago Sky are 2-1, while Clark's team, the Indiana Fever are 0-5. The next idea she brings up is that the stadium was "packed" even though Clark was not there. The last subject matter Reese speaks about is the charter flight comment that Barkley made, claiming that they get charter flights as well. Reese wants to let everyone know that all the extra new perks shouldn't be credited to just one one player, which is what LeBron hinted at when talking about Clark.

To clarify, although most of her comments are probably directed towards Barkley, many speculate it also could be subtle shots being taken at her college rival, Clark. As Reese has been outspoken, ever since her LSU Tigers beat Clark's Iowa Hawkeyes in the Women's National Championship game back in the 2022-23 season.

That is to say in this year's elite 8 matchup, Clark was able to get her revenge, as Iowa won 94-87 vs. LSU. Notably, Clark, the all-time leading scorer in women's college basketball history, had 41 points and 12 assists that game, while Reese put up 17 points and 20 rebounds.

There is no doubt, that Clark has influenced ticket/merchandise sales, and viewership; strictly speaking, much of the hype for the WNBA season can be accredited to the new levels of attention the rookie has brought to the women's game.

When looking at the increased viewership, it's up 226% from last season's average. In particular, during Clark's debut game, there were 2.1 million people watching, and it was indeed the most viewed WNBA game in the history on ESPN.

If there is a game to watch, it will be the first matchup between Reese and Clark, as they will go toe-toe on ESPN, June 1st, which will be the first duel since their college rivalry days.

Through the first three games of the season, 6'3" Reese, 22, the seventh overall pick in the draft, is averaging 12 points (33.3% FG) and 8.7 rebounds. While through five games, 6'0" Clark, 22, the first overall pick, is putting up 17.8 points (40.3% FG; 32.6% 3PT), 5.8 assists, and 4.6 rebounds.

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