ARLINGTON, TEXAS - FEBRUARY 18: XFL owner Dwayne Johnson talks on the field before the game between the Arlington Renegades and the Vegas Vipers at Choctaw Stadium on February 18, 2023 in Arlington, Texas.
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The XFL and USFL Are Heading Towards a Merger

The two biggest offseason football leagues, the XFL and USFL, are reportedly heading towards a merger before 2024.

In addition to the NFL, football fans have been able to watch the XFL and USFL during the offseason, but it appears these two leagues could be headed for a merger, with an announcement coming soon.

The USFL, owned by Fox Corp., and the XFL, owned by Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, along with business partners Dany Garcia and RedBird Capital Partners, could merge in time to combine their 2024 campaigns. 

While subjective, the quality of the XFL and USFL products isn't near that of the NFL, but combined, the on-field product could improve as there are fewer leagues to spread players across. 

According to Axios, Fox has said that the USFL was profitable, with plans to invest more. The XFL, on the other hand, lost about $60 million in its first season, according to Forbes. Looking at the ratings, the regular season games drew about 600,000 fans. In contrast, the championship games drew 1.2 million (USFL) and 1.4 million (XFL), Axios also reports

Axios also reports that they contacted the XFL and Fox regarding the rumors. 

"We will not comment on rumors and speculation," the XFL said in an emailed statement to the outlet. Fox "did not immediately return a request for comment."

Together, the XFL and USFL have had 105 players (64 for XFL41 for USFL) sign NFL contracts in 2023—the USFL also accounts for 60 in 2022.

Some of the more notable names include kicker Brandon Aubrey, the starting kicker for the Dallas Cowboys.

From here, the leagues will need regulatory approval to merge and, as mentioned, hope to combine their seasons in 2024. Broadcasts will likely be split between Fox and Disney, XFL's media partner. There is a broadcast agreement with the USFL and NBC, but Axios reports, "it's not yet been determined if that will continue."

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