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Kentucky came away with an incredibly impressive 103-100 win over North Carolina in the CBS Sports Classic over the weekend. Calipari had some questions to answer in regards to the lack of defense, but apparently one Tar Heels beat writer thought he had to answer for his wardrobe as well that featured jeans and two of his top buttons undone on his shirt.

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Cal didn’t take it too personally though and answered that he always keep it casual on a road trip because he’s just trying to get on the plane and isn’t interested in wrinkling his $1,500 suit. But that didn’t end it as he came out to a press conference in Lexington straight from the gym with a white t-shirt and a towel draped over his shoulder. It went a little like this:

And that is why you don’t mess with Calipari. He will get the last and best word in. The Wildcats next play at Louisville on Wednesday in the annual rivalry game.


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