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In the digital age, fans across the globe have a choice when it comes to where they get their sports news and opinions. In recent years, we've seen a shift away from fan curated media and we at FanBuzz strive to even the playing field for fans, at every level, to enjoy the same sports content regardless of where they are in their fandom.

FanBuzz focuses on the biggest and best sports news on the field, in the stadium and inside the squared circle. Since launching in 2013 as an SEC-centric website, we've expanded to cover college football, pro wrestling, NFL, MMA, NBA, PGA, and more.

Our dedicated staff has around-the-clock coverage of the sports world's biggest events, from all major WWE events, UFC events, the biggest college football games and NFL contests. We continue growing, expanding and developing into coverage of what sports fans truly care about. Whether that's professional wrestling, football, or even sneaker culture, we're there to cover the things fans want to know about.

We are your destination for breaking news, rapid reactions and outside-the-box takes. Even further, we understand that not all fans understand Bird Rights in the NBA or can produce advanced analytic statistics for their favorite baseball team. At FanBuzz, we write for every fan, at every stage, in any game. Making sports media accessible to everyone is our goal. After all, every single fan out there had a moment where they were struck by the love of sports,  so why not create those moments every day?

At FanBuzz, we do just that.

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