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Washington State is still in contention for Pac 12 championship, and the Cougars received some interesting news this week.

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Defensive tackle Robert Barber was reinstated to the team after he was expelled from school after admitting to punching another student at a house party over the summer.

A Whitman County Superior Court judge issued a stay in Barber’s suspension Wednesday morning. Barber had been suspended by the school after he was expelled following the student conduct disciplinary process at the school.

Several Washington State players spoke in favor of Barber at a November meeting with regents after he was arrested but never officially indicted, per the report.

A state senator pushed for Barber’s return, but the school initially argued he was a threat to public safety.

Barber’s return should help the Cougars over the next couple of weeks as they take on Colorado and Washington. If the Cougars win both games, they will win the Pac 12 North.

Barber has 35 tackles, 8.0 tackles for a loss, 3.0 sacks and two forced fumbles over his career.

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