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Former Florida State P.A. announcer Nick Menacof has tragically passed away at age 81 following a brief illness. An FSU spokesman confirmed the news on Monday. Menacof was the voice of the Seminoles for 25 years after he retired in 2009.

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It’s been a rough year for FSU Football as the program also lost longtime supporter and former star player Art Bonasorte in the year. Menacof said he never missed a home game when he was an announcer. He also stayed connected with FSU athletes in other ways. For years, he supervised the student-athletes who lived in Burt Reynolds Hall. He also worked as part of a local crew of football officials who provided officiating for FSU’s practices.

The FSU alum also was the voice of Seminoles basketball for 10 years and served as the voice of the baseball team for a year.

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