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Baylor is in desperate need of a coach next year as the Bears are 6-5 right now with one more game left at West Virginia this weekend. Baylor hired Jim Grobe as the interim head coach after firing Art Briles amid a sexual assault scandal.

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The team started out strong winning six straight, but has since dropped its last five games. There are few, if any coaches that are willing to touch that situation with a ten-foot pole. So when someone does come along who wants the job maybe Baylor shouldn’t try to low ball them.

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Baylor thinks it’s too good for a coach willing to take essentially less than $1 million a year? That’s absolutely ridiculous and petty for the school to think it’s beneath them to go “begging” for a coach or pay that little money for one. Morris was fantastic as an offensive coordinator at Clemson and has led SMU to a 7-17 record in his two seasons there.

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